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Sid Bibby's

Sid Bibby Turf and Landscaping provides award-winning landscaping services to both domestic and commercial clients. They are well established within the industry and have gained a fine reputation as one of the best landscaping companies within the area. They came to us needing to revamp the existing website. The goal was to create a new professional website that would showcase their work and generate more enquiries.

Sid BibbySid Bibby Turf & Landscaping

Volley Digital have been so helpful and a pleasure to work with! They were always very clear and helpful to us, and offer great support! Would highly reccomend to everyone. Thank you so much!

Goals of the project

We wanted to create a website that would truly stand out from their competitors. It needed to have a great user experience that encouraged people to look at their services and work. The main goal was to generate more enquiries, this means that we needed to create trust with the users and gently lead them to the quote form without being annoying or intrusive.


We create a completely custom website powered by Gatsby.js for ultimate performance and speed. Gatsby.js is a modern way of building websites that focuses on speed and performance. That's why if you visit the new website it’s lightning fast and easy to navigate. It’s all thanks to Gatsby.js. Once we had the speed and performance sorted we then needed to gain trust with users to generate enquiries. A great way to gain trust with the uses is to showcase reviews and previous work. We added review banners and testimonials throughout the site along with a previous work page. This really helps create trust that the user needs to fill out a quote form. We created content rich dedicated services pages so users could really understand all the services Sid Bibby provides. Another reason we decided to create content rich dedicated pages is for SEO (search engine results). Having dedicated pages means we can target keywords like “Patios Ely or Decking Cambridgeshire” and push these to the first page of google.



Performance increase

The new website had a 96/100 speed index score on google speed metrics… The old site scored 25/100


Website just launched

The website has just launched so we’ll update you with all the outcomes in the coming months

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