Case Study

Yorwarth's Fresh Fish

Yorwarth's Fresh Fish is a high quality fishmongers that prides themselves on the freshness of the catch and sustainable fishing. They came to us needing a new website to start selling online and promote the prestige of their business to potential customers. We helped produce amazing photography and created a highly professional website that customers loved.

Martin YorwarthYorwarths Fresh Fish

Yowrwarths highly recommends Daniel at Volley Digital, he did a fantastic job on our website & great photography. Since the website was launched with has much more activity online that we ever had before.

Goals of the project

We needed to create a website that reflected the core values of Yorwarths. Fresh and sustainable fishing. The website needed to showcase the quality of the fish and also needed an easy way of showcasing the latest catch to keep it updated regularly.


We needed to get high quality images of all the products but because they relied on the daily catch from their boats it meant we'd be missing a lot of products.


We created a new website that can show off products to potential customers. We set up a mini studio at their storage unit so we could capture photography as soon as it landed off the boats. The website showcases the products throughout and we dedicated a section on the homepage where they could easily manage and change the latest catch.


First Page

Targeted Search Results

Yorwarths now rank for targeted keywords like "Seaford Fish"


Unique Monthly Visitors

The website alone generates 200 users a month. This is without any additional marketing.

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